The revoluntionary can carrier for high intensity sports and outdoor activities 

If you’re an adrenaline lover, whether its dirt, snow or water, you’re going to want this! We all know the pains of wrapping up cans so they don’t blow up while we’re ripping it up! The harder we ride, the thirstier we get and the higher the chance our cans will be exploded or warm when we get there! The Cool up now™ can carrier eliminates this problem. Cheers! 

Cool Up Pack

For boaters, bikers, off roaders, cyclists, snowmobilers… any activities where
bumps and bounces may occur

  • Securely holds 6 cans
  • Patent-pending rubber molded design encases and cushions the can up, down and all around
  • For year around use, the Cool Up Now™ can carrier comes with two reusable, custom fit ice sticks
  • Floats – for use in pools or open water
  • Fits in most bicycle paniers, motorcycle saddle bags and top boxes
  • Available in solid black, solid white or solid orange
Cool Up Now
Cool Up Colours

On the road, on the snow, or on the water Cool up now™ carrier will ensure your cans don’t open, dent or explode so you can enjoy a beverage when you reach your destination.

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